Welcome to the webpage for the Bio-Engineering of Advanced Mechanical Systems (BEAMS) Laboratory at UC Irvine.

The BEAMS Lab was established by Dr. Elliot Botvinick in 2007. It is part of the University of California Irvine's Departments of Surgery and Biomedical Engineering. The BEAMS group has laboratories at the Beckman Laser Institute and Clinic as well as the Edwards Lifesciences Center for Advanced Cardiovascular Technology. We are curious about intrinsic and external mechanical forces in cellular micro-environments and their effects on the behavior and molecular signaling of cells. This is a growing area of research in which we differentiation ourselves through the application of optical tweezers, engineered platforms and by always seeking out interesting collaborative relationships.


Botvinick Lab receives an IACOCCA Family Foundation grant in collaboration with the Lakey lab at UCI to develop vascular devices for the cure of type 1 diabetes

Botvinick Lab receives funding through the AFSOR Photomedicine program to develop field-deployable microsensors for tissue gas and lactic acid levels

Botvinick's number of citations (according to Google Scholar) tops 1000

Botvinick Lab receives a NSF/NCI PESO grant in collaboration with the UCSF Tlsty lab to study the regulation of mammary epithelial signaling by local matrix stiffness:

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